Marijn van Kreij

Untitled (Styles, Crews, Flows, Beats) #1, #2. Pencil, pen, ink and acrylic on paper. 29,7 x 21cm each. 2007

Detail Untitled (Styles, Crews, Flows, Beats)

Dutch artist MARIJN VAN KREIJ develops – either directly on the wall or on A4 paper – his own world that consists of colorful spots, painting, black and white scribblings, words and fragments of sentences. His drawings appear like a mixture of mindmaps and telephone-doodlings. He notes down (most of his annotations and aphorisms are extracted from songs) and erases; mistakes are corrected, repeated and formalized. The question of authenticity is one that VAN KREIJ turns to again and again through various acts of doubling, appropriation or repetition.

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