Gil Scott-Heron & Chris Cunningham

“New York is Killing Me” by GIL SCOTT-HERON. Directed by CHRIS CUNNINGHAM.

“I’m New Here” is out now via XL Recordings. Read more about the premiere event  (26, September 2010 at the Moma) via Filmmaker

Cult British Director ( “Windowlicker”, “Come to Daddy” for APHEX TWIN, “All Is Full of Love” for BJÖRK or “Only You” for PORTISHEAD) CHRIS CUNNINGHAM has directed this shadowy, train-tracked clip for a remix of “New York Is Killing Me“, one of the songs he worked on for music legend GIL SCOTT-HERON‘s album, “I’m New Here

I’ve been living next to the railway line for 12 years and I’ve become obsessed with the harmonics of the trains on the lines, for years, I’ve been going down to the tracks at night to record the trains. It’s just about finding sounds, really, and then trying to replicate them on synths or else just trying to integrate them into a soundscape so you get that atmosphere. We’ve also been filming loads on the New York subway and the whole thing is finally starting to come together: the visuals, the new music, the words. It’s taken months, though.” – by CHRIS CUNNINGHAM

The result is brilliantly dark and oppressive, Enjoy!

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