Shinya Kimura

Shinya Kimura @ chabott engineering directed by HENRIK HANSEN

This short film directed by Danish director HENRIK HANSEN is about Japanese custom motorcycle engineer SHINYA KIMURA, founder of Zero Engineering and the Zero-Style bike (after few research, I can tell you that a Zero-style bike is typically based around a rigid gooseneck, a pre-1984 Harley Davidson engine, springer front end, spoked wheels and often includes parts of the bike remaining in bare metal).

The bikes are inspired by the Japanese wabi sabi philosophy (It is a beauty of things imperfect and incomplete, of things modest and humble, or unconventional.) and the beauty of the raw materials. Since then KIMURA has left Zero to launch his new studio, Chabott Engineering, whose bikes were featured in the 2008 Iron Man film.

Just because it’s well edited, beautifully shot and because the motorcycles by SHINYA KIMURA are real pieces of art. Enjoy!

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