Sascha Ciezata

When Herzog Rescued Phoenix

A few month back, SASCHA CIEZATA created a delicious short animation from an audio story of DAVID LYNCH called When Lynch Met Lucas (watch here). In short, you can hear DAVID LYNCH speaking about his meeting with GEORGE LUCAS to discuss possibly directing Return Of The Jedi.

And, believe it or not, it was shot entirely on an iPhone 3G using an app called iMotion.

This time, SASCHA CIEZATA put together a great DIY-style short animation based on an extract of an interview where film director WERNER HERZOG speaks how he rescued JOAQUIN PHOENIX after a car accident (video above).

+:  My immensely popular animated short film “When Lynch Met Lucas” was pulled off Vimeo and several other sites by a certain “organization” (who claims to support the arts and artists) with a rather nebulous claim that they own the copyright to the audio portion of my film. Here is another animated short, again shot with my iPhone about the whole absurd affair….- by SASCHA CIEZATA:

Simply delightful!

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