Natalie Rae Richardson

NATALIE RAE RICHARDSON, Graduate Collection. 2010

For some reasons, it’s been a while since I posted a fashion note. But this morning, when I stumbled upon the graduate collection of LCF final year student NATALIE RAE RICHARDSON, I literally fell in love. And when I love, I share!

The collection fuses bold embroidery and a natural colour palette with casual American 1980s silhouettes. Inspired by the anthropomorphic artwork of artist RYAN BERKLEY, each of the 6 looks invokes the spirit of well-shod wildlife from BERKLEYs animal portraiture. Using a different animal from 6 of RYAN BERKLEYs illustrations, NATALIE has brought together elements of nature photography, detail from Victorian period animal illustrations as well as experimental painting techniques.

I have no doubt why she has been shortlisted for WGSN 2010 Global Fashion Awards for Most Creative Student Collection  and for Wolf and Badger 2010 Graduate Design Awards.

Awaiting great things from this young designer in the future…and if you can’t wait until then, watch the video below

Natalie Rae Richardson – Graduate Collection 2010

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