Lars Arrhenius

LARS ARRHENIUS.  The Man Without Qualities. 2004

Swedish artist LARS ARRHENIUS demonstrates and interprets via simple drawings, pictographs, and the kind of stereotypical figures and universal symbols seen on public information signs, all the things we perceive unconsciously.

By using impersonal, urban symbols to mirror our usually unexamined habits, ARRHENIUS draws attention to the fact that the world goes on, whether we participate in it or not. Darkly funny, The Man without Qualities is about an ordinary man who struggles through life, from birth until his final breath.

LARS ARRHENIUS focuses on the endless activities of urban life and offers a sociological view of the complexity and repetition of human behavior. Like a modern-day Bruegel, ARRHENIUS examines the tragi-comic in the world around him.

LARS ARRHENIUS, was born in Stockholm in 1966 where he continues to live and work. His work has achieved considerable recognition internationally with solo exhibitions in London, New York, Milan, Amsterdam, Denmark and Spain.

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