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JONAH FREEMAN and JUSTIN LOWE are an artist duo known for their elaborate walk-through installations. For their brand new project called “Bright White Underground” (the first three pictures), they have created a whole new immersive environment for the Buck House (a modernist house designed in 1934 by architect RUDOLPH M.SCHINDLER) in Los Angeles.

Bright White Underground,” is based on a semi-fictional story that conflates the history of Buck House with that of Dr. Arthur Cook, who in the 1960s did controversial experiments to research the therapeutic effects of psychotropic drugs. JONAH FREEMAN and JUSTIN LOWE reimagine Buck House as a setting for elegant dinner parties that doubled as large-scale “happenings” involving drug experiments.

With each installation there are variations on this extravagantly dark side of America. And each intricate environment started with essentially a blank slate, a characterless space. “Bright White Underground” is a meditation on self-destruction, an orgiastic implosion of form and content, which benefits from a chemical romance that takes architecture as its mistress. If the effect of walking through it is like tripping on acid, then the experiment will be indeed a success.

“Bright White Underground”will run from September 17 to October 30 2010

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