Freitag REFERENCE Editorial Space & Khoi Vinh

Freitag REFERENCE Editorial Space, Grüngasse, Zürich

The REFERENCE editorial space will also serve as reading room, where coffee, current international newspapers, and the new product line are on display (psst. get your copy of THE DAILY REFERENCE, if you show up after 5pm)

First breakfast lecture with ex-design director for, KHOI VINH (check out the two next talks here)



The Bros ( Markus and Daniel Freitag)

Yesterday I had the chance to take part in the first breakfast lecture at the FREITAG REFERENCE editorial space in Zurich that MARKUS and DANIEL FREITAG (founder of FREITAG) have set up for the month of September.

For celebrating their new collection of bags called REFERENCE Line. They are creating during one month (September)a newspaper called THE DAILY REFERENCE.

From September 3rd through September 30th, a team and the Freitag brothers cut up newspapers like we cut up tarps and comment on them in 140-character statements. What is really fun is that you can send your 140 character input for their daily newspaper (check on their site and scroll down to THE DAILY REFERENCE section). Best line wins!

The next morning at 8:00am THE DAILY REFERENCE is sealed: The ultimate commentary makes the front page. The others are collected on the B-side and printed on their lead press for distribution. This happens every day. For the finissage on September 30th, all THE DAILY REFERENCE are reunited and published simply as THE REFERENCE.

Additionally, three breakfast lectures – «FREITAG am Donnerstag»- with renowned international speakers are going to share their thoughts on the topic of journalism and media.

Yesterday, freshly ex-design Director for KHOI VINH spoke about the visual integrity of the industry-leading news site, including design for new online features and content, and shared with us some thoughts about the digital future.

In short: great place, friendly people, inspiring speech and delicious breakfast bag . Thank you swissmiss!

2 commentaires pour “Freitag REFERENCE Editorial Space & Khoi Vinh”

  1. Seet… But how about the first lecture?

  2. The lecture was good: Khoi Vinh is an amazing and interesting guy. He didn’t explain exactly his job for but I’ve read that, what he done for was a huge work with a great success.

    Anyway he spoke also about the difficulties to share the news on the net at this moment and to earn money (incidentally!). I had the impression (which makes me feel a bit more confident ): he had no idea about the future for the news and the web. But he told us that he was working on a big project…mystère!

    Did you know that I had the chance to hear David Rowan, editor of Wired magazine?