Chloé Tallot

“Organic”, Chloé Tallot, 2007

Organicis a 2 minutes sound photoreel of the “Animale Series” photographs. It shows a naked human body with an animal – fish, shellfish, insect, bird, reptile, etc… This is an imaginative game with the family tree of the animal species and the Darwin’s theories. The combination of skins, fragile human skin and a range of animal skins, triggers an immediate physical sensation and evokes a powerful world.

“Ragazze”, Chloé Tallot, 2004-2009

Ragazzeis an installation made of sound slide show, sensors and photographs. It is also a sophisticated product about the new possibilities of digital technology. The use of sound, color, slide show and overexposure or underexposure of the photographic definition plays with the codes of a previous work, the painting of Modigliani, which becomes a true living picture.

French artist CHLOÉ TALLOT uses video, photography, drawings and installations to explore new territory like digital technology. Her work is an instinctive and play mix of images, words, sounds and material.

Welcome in her new and very personal universe, a modern visual fairy tale, which depicts the intimate emotions of her generation.

More at or via her vimeo

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