Bela Doka

The Sundays of Life

Hungarian photographer BELA DOKA has been photographing his extended family at the country house of his girlfriend for the last several summers.

How do you photograph the quotidian moments that, while not dramatic, form the core of life’s pleasures and satisfactions? The answer for him is found in a country house owned by the family of his girlfriend. The world that he reveals to us is one of sun-warmed lunch tables, cool afternoon river swims, lazy walks in pathless fields, and tasks that are met with no timetable in mind. If we view these pictures from a hurried, urban mindset, we see nothing. Literally. Nothing is happening. But if we shift our sensibilities – as I believe he is asking us to do along with him – then we see the timeless, daily activities that create a Zen of satisfaction. – by EVAN MIRAPAUL

“The Sundays of Life” is also a limited edition book numbered and signed by the author available via his website

2 commentaires pour “Bela Doka”

  1. Thank you – very touching photos – on a l’impression d’etre au milieu de sa vie.
    – j’ai cette impression – cette imagination.

  2. yeah really…it evokes me something familiar! thank you for your comment Beatrice. Kiss kiss kiss