Annelies Štrba

Nyima 222. 2005. Ink Jet print on canvas. 100 x 125 cm

An 73. 2001. 47,5 x 68 cm
C-print mounted on glass

Shereen (Nyima 357). 2008
110 x 90 cm. Ink Jet print on canvas

Nyima 246. 2005. Ink Jet print on canvas. 35×50 cm

My Life Dreams. 2008. Ink Jet print on canvas. 110×165 cm

These images by Swiss artist ANNELIES ŠTRBA seems to be lit from within, both saturated and enigmatic. Though the contrasts are exaggerated and the bodies always disintegrate into haziness, the pictures maintain something very personal, which transports a slightly eerie.

Additionally ŠTRBA has relied on video for ten years. She edits and condenses make-believe sequences from the film stills that she filters out. When everyday routine threatens to get her down, she reaches for her camera: “When I look through the lens, I am back to myself.”

Her work is concerned with notions of time and history; subjects which she expresses in a highly personal way. Making pictures is part of ANNELIES ŠTRBA’s everyday life; it is her way of engaging with and making sense of her world.

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