Thomas Jeppe. Home Made Tattoos Rule

Home Made Tattoos Rule. by THOMAS JEPPE
96 Pages, Perfect Bound, Soft Cover, Full Colour

First edition, limited run. Released August 2006
ISBN: 0977547809

THOMAS JEPPE is a Melbourne-based artist, founder of independent publisher Serps Press, associate editor/photography Editor of WON Magazine and editor/curator of the NowNow online gallery. No less!

Home Made Tattoos Rule is a collection of photographs that brings together various aesthetics, styles and techniques of home made tattoos.
The images cover tattooed people, tattooists’ tools and tattooing in action. The photographs were taken in Melbourne, Perth and Auckland
in 2005 and 2006

I’ve been interested in homemade tattooing for a while and every time I look into it all I find are people talking about how bad and dangerous they are,” says THOMAS JEPPE, author of book, Home Made Tattoos Rule. He considers homemade tattooing a valid and artful aspect of tattooing, “It’s a very vibrant and exciting end of tattooing and I think being a DIY thing makes it more intimate and personally relevant than any other kind of tattooing“.

His next public work will be the exhibition The People’s Poet at Galerie Conradi, Hamburg from 05. August 2010 until 21. August 2010

Thank you THOMAS, I love it!

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