Nobody Forever


NOBOBY FOREVER is a collaboration started in 2006 between comic illustrator GUMMBAH and artist CHANTAL RENS. Their quirky collection of handmade sweaters with apodictic slogans is simply delicious.

And do you I need to notice that I also like the fact that they use polaroids?!

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3 commentaires pour “Nobody Forever”

  1. […] preciso desse sweater. Preciso. Via. A pérola do vestuário é da Nobody Forever Shop, marca que vende sweaters, camisetas e buttons […]

  2. Wow. This is one lovely project, with nice lines also. Too bad they’re not updating their blogs, I’m hoping to see more sweaters though!

  3. argh not sure. I’ve the feeling that she updates her website after an exhibition…so everything is possible! stay tuned. kiss kiss kiss