Mike Mills & Apartamento #01

Ideal weekend by MIKE MILLS* for APARTAMENTO** #01. page 81

Have a great weekend everyone! I hope you feel inspired for the next couple of days…otherwise you can always steal MIKE MILLS‘s ideas for a perfect weekend ;-)

*MIKE MILLS is a filmmaker, graphic designer and artist. As a filmmaker, he has completed a number of music videos, commercials, sshort films and documentaries. He is also the co-founder with ROMAN COPPOLA of The Directors Bureau, a multidisciplinary production company that also represents SOFIA COPPOLA or MARK BORTHWICK among others. He has his own graphic line “Humans” which includes fabrics, shirts, posters and ribbons. And more recently, he was part of the group show/documentary Beautiful Losers.

**APARTAMENTO is THE everyday life interiors bi-annual magazine. It’s about homes, living spaces and design solutions as opposed to houses, photo ops and design dictatorships. It understands interior design as a means of personal expression, showing how creative people, both established and emerging  from all over the world, arrange their homes and the solutions they find to the same problems that everyone has. A must-have for every interior-magazine freaks!

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