Mathieu Lambert. Fake Tales of America


Baltimore/ MARYLAND


Manhattan/ NEW YORK

Je ne suis jamais allé aux Etats-Unis. J’ai menti. Pardon. Mathieu. xxx

I’ve never been in United States. I lied. Sorry. Mathieu. xxx

French visual artist MATHIEU LAMBERT is a liar. His new zine, called “Fake Tales of America” is a mythomanic photographic travel trought the USA, HIS USA. In fact he never flyed oversee, all picture were taken in France between 2008 and 2009.

I really like this project because it’s about something that questions me. I explain. I’ve never been in USA yet but I’ve probably spent the third of my life in a certain kind of american culture by means of films, television or magazines. Sometimes I just feel like a strange mix of Swiss, European and American.Yeah I know: strange!

Anyway. I still have a good news for you: this small and nicely published book with an original print attached to the cover is available via or via It’s time to support independent publishing baby!

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