Ivan Abreu

Ice Vynil 0.1. 2007. Mexico

M(R.P.M.). Música y voz de la Patria , Himno Nacional (Homeland’s music and voice, National Anthem). 2007. Mexico

IVAN ABREU‘s work articulates art, design and technology by using multiple media such as electronic devices, software development, sound experimentation, Internet, industrial design, documents, video and photography. He conceives the artistic praxis as an emergent research space, which goal is the construction of esthetic systems with new identities and redefinition of perceptual phenomenology of contemporary society.

Ice Vynil is an experimentation with Long Play records made out of ice, created using moulds; this process allows the transference of sound information onto a radically unstable material, such as ice, which registers the information from the disc’s grooves and is capable of keeping it for long periods of time. Amazing idea, amazing result!

Cuban artist IVAN ABREU lives and works in Mexico.

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