Agathe Snow. Total Attitude Work Out

Total Attitude Work Out by AGATHE SNOW. 2008

Corsican-born artist AGATHE SNOW moved to Manhattan aged eleven. In the 90’s she learned hew way with a family of friends, including DASH SNOW, DAN COLEN or RYAN MCGINLEY among others.

AGATHE SNOW‘s work grew out performances including ritualistic art processions, gruelling dance marathons contest or cooking for hundreds of people: “It’s all about getting your body to exhaustion, to the point when you just can’t think anymore“. But she never thought of these happenings as artworks: her drive was her immediate community, and celebrating the spirit of the Lower East Side. Her first gallery exhibition however did not arrive until 2003 with pieces under the title “Follow me, Follow You”, focussing on abstract collages which represent aspects of her, her friends and their personal stories.

Sit back and relax, you’ll find yourself glued to the monitor as AGATHE SNOW takes the audience through a hysterical series of self-help guidance: Total Attitude Work Out Video features a troupe of models dressed in JANE FONDA- style leotards, acting out their five-point plans for surviving awkward situation. Excessive, playful, and decidedly low-tech!

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