YSL & Ari Marcopoulos

No Way Back

If you like tattoos, if you like ARI MARCOPOULOS;  do yourself a favor, watch his latest documentary.

This times  YVES SAINT LAURENT and Dutch photographer/filmmaker ARI MARCOPOULOS have collaborated on a short film titled “No Way Back” which represents the vision of YSL Creative Director STEFANO PILATI’s 2011 Spring/Summer collection. The short film focuses on influential tattoo artist MARK MAHONEY Mahoney and his Hollywood institution, the Shamrock Social Club.

As a talented creative spanning photography and filmmaking, ARI MARCOPOULOS‘ work is characterized by a remarkable feeling of intimacy. Whether it concerns celebrities from the world of music or art, or his own family, he approaches his subjects in an intuitive manner and he always knows how to get close to the heart. His photos are direct, extremely personal and subtly structured. Recurrent themes are art, music, graffiti and the vulnerability of the human body.

“No Way Back” will be shown on YSL’s official Web sites starting at midnight, Paris time, on Thursday.

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  1. Video on website is gone: https://www.we-find-wildness.com/2010/06/ysl-ari-marcopoulos/