Tim & Puma Mimi. Perspective

Tim and Puma Mimi. Perspective. It’s the story of a girl who lives in a big city. She’s tired of the concrete jungle around her and follows the moon into a colourful land with no shadows. Her alter ego is a tiny girl with a radio. And sometimes the two girls meet each other.

Swiss TIM (aka CHRISTIAN FISCHER) and Japanese MIMI (aka MICHIKO HANAWA) met in the Netherlands at a Saint Nikolaus party in end 2003. The two drunken people started to talk about music, and discovered both had a muscical background. MICHIKO played in a pop-punk band (“The Gum Drops”) in Tokyo, and CHRISTIAN played flute and keybords in several bands (“Seelenluft” and “Märklin”) in Zurich.

So CHRISTIAN asked MICHIKO to sing to his electronica which was totally unfamiliar to Michiko. But they succeed! In ten days, they composed and recorded three songs and one self-remix. This became the first EP “The Adventures of TIM & PUMA MIMI“. And since then, the adventures never stops, they recorded songs in Tokyo, Zurich, New York, in trains, via skype, on airports and played over 90 live shows around the globe.

MONIKA ROHNER, the girl behind the video clip “Perspective”, is a Swiss freelance designer who loves working with paper, cutter, glue and pencils as much as composing artworks and animations on her computer.

Delicious song! Delicious video clip!

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