Stanley Ruiz

Symbiosis. Speakers designed for Sounds Like, an exhibition curated by JOEY ROTH. 2010

STANLEY RUIZ is an industrial designer and media artist who likes to fuse the industrial with the natural to bring about new meaning and interpretation to familiar object archetypes.

Symbiosis is a series of wooden speakers which he developed as part of the sounds like ICFF 2010 off-site event curated by JOEY ROTH (He invited nine designers and five musicians to re-interpret his ceramic speakers and to play the music on the resulting work).

Symbiosis is a lo-fi approach to product design.  Here I applied a lot of improvisation, and just used found objects like a tree log and scrap wood found in our studio space. I still believe that product design should not be complicated, and not dependent upon the dictates of big marketing companies and manufacturers. This work is an expressive design exploration, fulfilling not only the function of regular speakers, but going beyond that to include poetry, nature, folk inspiration, and intuition. – by STANLEY RUIZ

I really like the primitive aesthetic, and it reminds me the alarming clock by NATALIE DUCKETT.

STANLEY RUIZ lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He also plays in the improv-noise band Gunung Sari.

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