Shaun Gladwell

Film stills from Apologies 1 – 6. 2007-2009
Vidéo . 27’10’’

Australian multimedia artist SHAUN GLADWELL is known for his videos of people engaged in acts of physical virtuosity. His subjects—himself and others—have typically been practitioners of urban subcultures, like skateboarding, BMX-bike riding, break-dancing, and capoeira. However, GLADWELL is no ordinary video-wielding skateboarder and his artworks are not the fast and choppy videos you normally see in this genre. From the very beginning of his experiments with video he wanted to capture something different. SHAUN GLADWELL slows down the action to allow us to analyse it.

In Apologies 1-6, he arrives on a motorcycle, to tend to kangaroos killed on the road, gently carrying them off for burial. The title could be a veiled reference to The Apology to Indigenous people.

This deeply romantic work haunts me and in the same time, it reminds me the film MAD MAX with MEL GIBSON.

Good news: you can watch the whole video at Galerie Analix Forever until July 10, 2010

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