Raquel Nave

“Live Free in Hell”exhibition June 17 th- July 17th, 2010

RAQUEL NAVE is not only beautiful, she is also a great photographer. The Mountain Fold Gallery in New York is showcasing “Live Free in Hell,” an exhibition of photography and video by RAQUEL NAVE . The show contains polaroids of landscapes, still lifes, nudes, NAVE, her family, and her companions. The snapshots represent the identity exploration of a young woman and the journey of an artist working in her style and medium.

The images, taken as a collection, reveal the artist’s dynamic discovery of self through play, performance, and pose; through the camera; through the viewer’s gaze; through the environment that surrounds her; through her split exhibitionism and voyeurism.

“Live Free in Hell”exhibition on view until July 17th, 2010

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