Magyar Posse

MAGYAR POSSE, Whirlpool of Terror and Tension. made by Las Palmas Films

Established in 2000 in the city of Pori, the Finnish band MAGYAR POSSE draws influences from ENNIO MORRICONE, JOHN BARRY, NEUBAUTEN, DAVID LYNCH, NEU! and ROMAN POLANSKI and plays epic cinematic atmospheres with an edge entirely their own.

In 2006, the band also released their first music video for the song Whirlpool of Terror and Tension (video above) which won several major music video awards in Finland and introduced them to a wider international audience.

Two years after, the band completed an experimental film project titled Aldebaran rising with Pori-based director PETRI HAGNER. The film was performed on three occasions (October 2008) in Pori with live accompaniment by the band.

And here is a link especially for your ears:


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