Joscha Bruckert & Andreas Till

a man sat alone in his room. JOSCHA BRUCKERT and ANDREAS TILL
self published book. 2010. first edition of 50
40 pages, saddle stitched. 12×20 cm / 4.7×7.8 in
each copy numbered and signed. four posters included

a man sat alone in his room is a collaborative project between two German photographer, JOSCHA BRUCKERT and ANDREAS TILL. It’s nothing short of visually satisfying; luminous portraits, collages, and found images entirely dedicated to the night and everything that comes along with it.

I really enjoy these kind of self-published photography books which are an excellent “laboratory” for redefining the established relationships that can exist between images,volume, texture, and size.

You can find your copy here

Thank you JOSCHA and ANDREAS, I love it!

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