Galerie Analix Forever

Galerie Analix Forever, Geneva. Lights (2009)  by LUC MATTENBERGER

Saturday 10h55: I left Basel for one day, direction Geneva. A short trip to watch two exhibitions at GALERIE ANALIX FOREVERDark Matter, the first solo show of LUC MATTENBERGER – my artist crush of the moment-  and Cars & Bikes, a group exhibition bringing together Elisabetta Benassi, Thomas Lindvig, Shaun Gladwell, Tuomo Manninen, Andrea Mastrovito, Luc Mattenberger, Robert Montgomery, Xavier Veilhan and Patrick Weidmann.

Here’s a few select morsels from my Saturday, because if I told you everything, it’d take all day:

LUC MATTENBERGER is a young swiss artist. His work is based on his fascination for technology and engineering, but also on the unsettling fear of their being used for deviant, malignant purposes. His installations run along this subtle, ambiguous thread: good and evil.

LUC MATTENBERGER. However Distant. 2010.  Polymer EPDM, aluminium, cable, winch, automation

Especially for this exhibition, he takes over the gallery’s area with a new installation that guides you through time flow, space, and of course, machines. However Distant is a fascinated dark membrane which breathes thanks to a motor.

LUC MATTENBERGER. Straight. 2010. 100 x 100 x 160 cm. Chainsaw, cable, leather, neon tubes, plexiglass, steel and stainless steel

Straight is a poetic piece made of a leather chainsaw that can both help to straighten what time has loosened, and loosen what men have straightened.

BARBARA is too good to be true. Funny, full of stories, and of style. Ahhh and her leather dress! A vintage JEAN-PAUL GAUTHIER. Simply delicious! ps. BARBARA POLLA is not only a real personality, she is also the owner of the gallery.

THOMAS LINDVIG. Untitled.2009. BMW, spray, lights and acrylic sheets

The second exhibition, Cars & Bikes is an exhibition centered on cars and bikes; esthetic and sexual objects fully integrated in our history, dreams and world. It is a modest tribute to mechanical beauty constantly reflected in our lives and in our dreams.

THOMAS LINDVIG. Untitled.2009. BMW, spray, lights and acrylic sheets

We also have to analyze the engine – as the engine is life itself. This fascination is also represented in THOMAS LINDVIG‘s wrecked car – as the crash is an inherent part of the pleasure found in automobiles.

Editors PHILIPPE JARRIGEON (picture above) & SYLVAIN MENÉTREY from the excellent magazine DORADE were there presenting their brand new issue: THE VILLA ISSUE. If you’re not familiar with this awesome magazine, DORADE is an artistic periodical where mermaids admit to their slightly fishy odour. In short it’s brilliant and full of photographic discoveries.

Right before leaving Geneva, I went to the launch party of NOVEMBRE MAGAZINE, a brand new magazine about Fashion & Contemporary Art for Switzerland. Mais, ça c’est une autre histoire, stay tuned!

Thank you to GALERIE ANALIX FOREVER for the invitation and the great show!


Dark Matter + Cars & Bikes exhibition until July 10, 2010 at GALERIE ANALIX FOREVER, rue de l’Arquebuse 25, 1204 Geneva

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