Alex Prager. Despair

Previously featured on WFW, photographer ALEX PRAGER turns Director with her first short film”Despair”.

Opening June 10th ALEX PRAGER brings her tales to London in her first solo show at the Michael Hoppen Gallery, which will also present her first move into film with ‘Despair’, a film written by PRAGER and directed by Requiem for a Dream’s MATTHEW LIBATIQUE.

I look at this project more like one of my photographs coming to life for a few minutes to show the before, during and after of the story. To bring one of my pictures to life for a few minutes. The film is only 3 minutes, 30 seconds. I came up with the idea for the film the same way I would an idea for a still photograph, but instead, this idea involved a series of stills. I’d like to show the before, now and after of one of my images––that’s really the concept of the film.

The film is all what I love about her work: a strong retro glam influences!

And good news, you can check out the film’s premiere today at and the still images from “Despair” will also be show at MoMA this September in the New Photography 2010 exhibit.

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