Jack Pam. Photography Hijacked

Photography Hijacked. Directed by JACK PAM. Produced by MATTEO BRUNO

PHOTOGRAPHY HIJACKED is a new documentary film directed by Australian film Director, photographer and independent publisher JACK PAM.

The film – a half hour documentary- explores the processes, techniques and outcomes of 12 unique photographers from Australia and America including: GRAHAM MILLER, DEAN KARR, SHEN WEI, JENNIFER JUNIPER STRATFORD, SARAH SMALL, TONI WILKINSON, GARETH WILLIS, BRAD RIMMER, AMY STEIN, KARRON BRIDGES, ANGELA BOATWRIGHT, BILL SULLIVAN.

The description says that PHOTOGRAPHY HIJACKED, “is divided into 8 sections containing 12 photographers each photographer is given their own space and presence in the film to represent what they want to say in their own way.

And good news, you can see the full film on the ABCTV (Australia) on the 18th May 2010 at 10pm and it will also be available online @ http://www.abc.net.au/iview/ after its on TV.

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