Marcus Tomlinson & Gareth Pugh

Paper Disorder. 2008

Not really new and totally neglected by me (shame on me) a year ago, Paper Disorder is a brilliant video made by British Director MARCUS TOMLINSON for the “RRRIPP!! Paper Fashion” exhibition at the Musée d’Art Moderne in Luxembourg last year (11 October, 2008 – 2 February, 2009).

It’s terribly good not only because all the costumes have been by GARETH PUGH, but also because it depicts the making of a paper outfit.

In order to create a film that could express images and scenes that I would call pictures from the mind on a bad day, I needed a designer that could design with an unworldly look. The commissioned GARETH PUGH costume creates a presence that allowed this disorder.” – by MARCUS TOMLINSON

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