Elspeth Diederix

maquette. 2008

Casette. 2008 / Lilac. 2007

Salvatica plastica, kaarsen. 300 x 240 cm

Salvatica plastica, blue bottle. 300 x 240 cm

Supernatural, table/bottle. 100 x 80cm.

Dingen. 2003

Dutch photographer ELSPETH DIEDERIX transformed realities: she uses her art to almost scientifically explore the idea of a subtle surrealism in a world where everything seems to be taken for granted.

She started at the Rietveld Academy by studying painting and sculpture but soon tried her hand at photography. ELSPETH DIEDERIX deliberately abstains from the use of digital manipulation techniques but instead in her photographs special effects are achieved by manual intervention. Effects such as optical illusion, false perspective, the mixing of colours and forms, are elements inherent to the art of painting and are applied by her in the creation of the photographic image.

Definitively playful and inventive!

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