Daniel Rybakken

Daylight Entrance. Stockholm. 2008-2010

Norwegian designer DANIEL RYBAKKEN has a fascination with the effects of natural daylight. From 2007-2010, he has developed a total of seven different lighting design projects exploring and simulating the effects daylight using artificial light.

These projects not only enhance the space which someone is found in, but also enhance the mood and the psyche of Northern countries which do not enjoy the abundance of natural day light.

“Daylight Entrance” is an installation located in the entrance of an office building in central Stockholm (Vasagatan 7). As both the entrance and staircase have no natural light, it was important for me to replicate the positive sensation of sunlight. Walls are covered with a solid surface material, then CNC-milling hollows areas before backlighting by LED. The installation consists of over 6000 LEDs. “Daylight Entrance” project just got nominated for Sweden’s biggest design award “The Swedish Design Award.

The illusion is perfect and I can easily imagine how difficult it was to acquire this result! Great job!

For more infos, projects and daylight, please visit http://www.danielrybakken.com

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