Beni Bischof

BRICKED CASTLES. Inkjetprint. 60 x 86cm und 90 x 128cm. 2009

HANDICAPED CARS. various format. 2008- 2010

Five reasons to love the work of  Swiss artist BENI BISCHOF:

  1. His days are mainly composed of drawings, paintings, sculptures, collages or manipulations on photographs
  2. He likes to destroy or deconstruct everything he has around him
  3. but always with this main motivation: to bring a bit of excitement into boring objects or situations
  4. He publishes his own zine series named LASERmagazin
  5. a kind of “testing field” where all the works inside are done by BENI BISCHOF

Welcome in the absurd and wonderful world of BENI BISCHOF!

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  1. […] The LASERMagazine is a selection of drawings, collages, photos. It’s published six times a year in the shape of a handmade “zine” (including posters or original drawings) by the Swiss artist BENI BISCHOF who has been earlier this year featured on WFW. […]