Alex Turvey

Frankenfashion from ALEX TURVEY. Track “Swimming” by Benjamin John Power of Fuck Buttons. Featuring Wigs and Hair by the Sensational Charlie Le Mindu, Props by MADE and clothes by Nathan Jenden, Rupert Sanderson, Hannah Marshall, Louise Goldin & Manjit Deu.

Directed by London-based designer and director ALEX TURVEY and commissioned by Dazed & Confused, Frankenfashion—inspired by Frankenstein—is a hypnotic fashion film that sees a grisly act climax into a transformational close.

Obsessed with anatomy, human-animal hybrids, masks, melancholia and the macabre, artist ALEX TURVEY creates unsettling glitter-filled dreamscapes full of fuzzy-felt characters, bones and human organs, combining live-action with animation to produce his stunning videos. More recently, he has completed three gigantic mirror sculptures for the new Origins exhibition at the Levi’s flagship sore on Regent Street in London (until mid-June). view here

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