Viviane Sassen

VIVIANE SASSEN for POP Magazine. Issue 22, spring summer 2010

Dutch photographer VIVIANE SASSEN combines freelance assignments as a fashion photographer with her own artistic work. She often works in Africa (where she grew up), investigating her own image of that continent. Her work there moved away from fashion and documentary and towards an ongoing body of collaborative portraits. In 2007, she received the Prix de Rome, the major Dutch prize for art, for her series “Ultra Violet”.

Her photographs tease fashion conventions but with witty and unexpected results, partly because her subjects are all young Africans who seem to have enjoyed collaborating with her. She tends to treat the body as a sculptural element — a malleable shape that combines with blocks of shadow and bright color in arrangements that sometimes read like cut-paper collages, bold and abstract but full of vibrant life.” – by VINCE ALETTI

And good news: last year, she published a book of her African work titled “Flamboya”(shop here)

psss. I just fall in love with the strong presence of shadow and darkness !

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  2. Travail découvert à Arles…. Splendide !!!!!! une des meilleures expositions