M.I.A & Romain Gavras. Born Free

Director: ROMAIN GAVRAS. Director of Photography: ANDRÉ CHEMETOFF. Producer: MOURAD BELKEDDAR
Production company : elnino.tv. Executive Production : GAETAN ROUSSEAU / Paradoxal

M.I.A released her new video for “Born Free” on her website yesterday. Directed by french director ROMAIN GAVRAS (best known for the video clip for Justice – Stress), the nine minute-clip is filled with explicit, violent, graphic, politically-charged images that come in accordance with the powerful single. In the video, military police officers wearing American flag badges round up roughly redheaded men and boys and bring them to the desert where they are brutally beaten and killed.

M.I.A.’s still-untitled album is scheduled to drop June 29 via N.E.E.T./Interscope

Watch “Born Free” above, at your own risk ;-)

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