Hort & The Knife. A Roundtable Conversation on Tomorrow, In a Year

A Roundtable Conversation on Tomorrow, In A Year

Tomorrow, In a Year is a challenging 90-minute opera based on Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, the opera merges found Amazonian sounds, electronic atmospherics and swirling vocals from Danish mezzo-soprano KRISTINA WAHLIN and Swedish pop singer JONATHAN JOHANSSON. Swedish electro-pop duo THE KNIFE composed the piece with Berlin-based musicians MATTHEW SIMS and JANINE ROSTRON.

Tomorrow, In a Year was commissioned in 2008 by Danish performance group Hotel Pro Forma. The opera premiered in Copenhagen in September 2009, and THE KNIFE released the score digitally in January 2010.

In the video above, THE KNIFE’s OLOF and KARIN DREIJER conduct an illuminating round-table discussion with ROSTRON and SIMS (who are more famously known as Planningtorock and Mt. Sims, respectively) on the making of Tomorrow, In a Year.

And small plus: all the images have been made by the excellent Berliners from HORT.

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