Dindi van der Hoek

L’Homme Ballon, series Jardin de la Femme. 2009. Lambda print on plexiglass

Mirror | Mirior, series De daughters of Mnemosyne. 2008. Lambda print on Plexiglass

Ihmra, series De daughters of Mnemosyne. 2007. Lambda print on plexiglass

DINDI VAN DER HOEK has developed a photographic portfolio with unique images which, for the greater part, are shot under water.

At first glance her images may seem fairytale-like, but in reality her work is thought provoking and complex. Through her camera lens she allows us to have a look into a mysterious almost unconscious world, where multiple interpretations may co-exist: “I transform these human figures by dressing them in clothing that resembles a mythical or fairy tale world. As I have a background in fashion as well (MBO graduate in Fashion and Clothing in 1995) I am able to design and make these costumes myself. This allows me to manipulate them to the intentions of my photographic work.”

It reminds me the work of CONNIE IMBODEN

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