Le Travailleur from CHÂTEAU-VACANT. music: HAMZA TOURÉ.

Decors are installations at human size, no miniaturised, of which each element was handmade.Characters are articulated wooden dummies also at human size and handmade.

CHÂTEAU-VACANT is YANNICK CALVEZ, LÉMUEL MALICOUTIS and BAPTISTE ALCHOURROUN, three French designers actually based in Montreal, Canada. Combining three very singular styles, the collective have managed to produce a body of ecclectic, amusing, intriguing and sometimes unusual but always cleaver work that utilises traditional methods rather than the norm of today’s digital age.

The animation movie “Le Travailleur” received the first prize of animation movie at the Strasboug festival “Filmer en Alsace” in 2008, and nominated at the Berlin festival Illustrative in 2009.

Want to see their portfolio in technicolour glory? click here

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