The Institute of Social Hypocrisy

EDIE MCKAY. Two Faced Melancholic Structure 09

Varnish and Spray paint on PlasterBoard/Filler/Tape. 30cm x 6 / 252 cm

Fanzine ISH #2. Plaster Saint

THE INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL HYPOCRISY is an artist-led project, run by artist VICTOR BOULLET in the centre of Paris.

The concept of social hypocrisy is an idea that VICTOR BOULLET has worked with over several years and debates the idea of a public mask and an inner reality: a concealed truth and an exposed lie. He highlights the aspects of intrinsically hypocritical social behaviour used to ingratiate oneself with others. This sense of exclusion, and the subsequent desire to put up an illusion of conformity, functions as the point of departure for the activities taking place within THE INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL HYPOCRISY. Over a two year period, a series of artists will be given the freedom to present work that debates theories of falsehood, pretence and deception in their many forms and guises.

Twice a year, THE INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL HYPOCRISY publishes a fanzine. These fanzines are neither publications for reference, nor books of completed projects. They are a means for artists to put their work in front of new audiences in order to invite input and discussion, thus helping the project to develop. They allow the artist to take a level of control and give a certain independence with regards to the traditional scope of the distribution of their work.

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