Sébastien Tellier. Look


You know how much I like to begin the day in music…and you know how much I like MRZYK & MORICEAU!

So good news; the illustrator duo PETRA MRZYK and JEAN-FRANCOIS MORICEAU have created this video produced by Record Makers for the track Look by SEBASTIEN TELLIER.

Have a nice day!

9 commentaires pour “Sébastien Tellier. Look”

  1. Just fantastic!!

  2. Right Adam! Thank you for your comment…kiss kiss kiss

  3. this is a rare exception where i would prefer a live action shot to the animation

  4. Great! Loved all of it.

  5. this fucking video is so fucking wierd >.<

  6. omg that was amazing.

  7. perfecto

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  9. @ Clavo: Totally agree (except for the moments where her skeleton is revealed and then “holes consuming her” toward the end)
    Play the song and watch this GIF: