OZ Magazine

OZ 10 (Mar. 68). Pornography of Violence

OZ 28 (May. 70). School Kids Issue

OZ 9 (Feb 68). UFO issue

OZ 15 ( Sep.68). Jagger Cartoon

various OZ covers, detail here

Oldie  but Goodie: OZ MAGAZINE was THE underground magazine during the late Sixties in England. Originating from Australia where it was founded by RICHARD NEVILLE and MARTIN SHARP,  it came to England in February 1967 where the first issue hit the streets of London.

OZ printed 48 issues in a variety of shapes and sizes during its time. Misinterpreted by many as a “Psychedelic” magazine, OZ actually had more in common with “Private Eye” being VERY anti-establishment but with its target audience firmly focused on the emerging underground scene it scored a massive hit. The magazine regularly enraged the British Establishment with a range of left-field stories including heavy critical coverage of the Vietnam War and the anti-war movement, discussions of drugs, sex and alternative lifestyles, and contentious political stories but by the time Issue No.3 arrived it was obviously becoming visually very psychedelic.

The magazine continued in publication – not without controversy – with diminishing success until November 1973.

I hope you enjoy this visual feast in the form of cover art!

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