Michael Zavros. A video portrait

This video is portrait of MICHAEL ZAVROS which was commissioned by Gold Coast City Art Gallery to accompany “THE GOOD SON” exhibition  (11 july-23rd August 2009). ZAVROS take us for a drive to The Gold Coast, his home town. made by fellow artist and filmmaker ALEX CHOMICZ

MICHAEL ZAVROS is highly regarded as one of Australia’s most significant younger artists. Over the past decade, he has pursued with success diverse themes and subjects such the leaping and falling horses, be-suited corporate men, high fashion, classical mythology, and French neo classical architecture.

I do always seek to create something that is unashamedly beautiful to look at, to behold. I also consider beauty as a concept. My recent drawings of models with their ideal features erased manipulates the notion of ‘surface’ beauty – the currency of the model having been removed. But surface is important not just as a metaphor but literally in terms of the treatment of the drawing material on paper. The portrait having been lovingly rendered in charcoal is then aggressively removed but the features can’t quite be erased – the charcoal stains the paper permanently. It is always important to me that what I am painting or drawing is reflected in how I am creating it; technique and subject somehow mirror each other.” – by MICHAEL ZAVROS

DEBASER / YSL. 122x86cm. charcoal on paper. © Michael Zavros. 2007

Dior Silhouette. 55x49cm, charcoal on paper. © Michael Zavros. 2008

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