Martine Mathijsen

Screenprint. Installation: 300 x 160 cm
Poster: 70 x 48.5 cm

Four facts that you need to know about Netherland-based MARTINE MATHIJSEN:

  1. MARTINE MATHIJSEN works as a freelance graphic designer and likes to work with (cultural) institutions, corporations
    and individuals who need a creative solution.
  2. MARTINE MATHIJSEN works on diverse projects that relate to print design; like book-, poster- and identity-design, graphic installations and exhibition design.
  3. MARTINE MATHIJSEN combines a mixture of an experimental, innovative character with a concept-driven design approach. Defined as pure, typographic, tactile and dimensional.
  4. COOP HIMMELB(L)AU (presented above) is a new concept for dynamic, interactive posters. The posters arise during a period of time while passers-by tear off a part of the poster. It is also her graduation project at ArtEZ Art & Design, Arnhem.

Thank you MARTINE!

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