Germinal Roaux. Limited Edition Set

If you read WE FIND WILDNESS since the beginning, you probably already heard about GERMINAL ROAUX, a Swiss-French photographer best known for his black and white photographs depicting the teenage culture  (and if not, you are simply inexcusable ;-)…read more here).

This time, GERMINAL ROAUX has made something specially for me..ok not really specially for me… for collectors like me…(be prepared CHARLES SAATCHI, I’m coming!!); he has released a series of eight duplex prints cards in limited edition and for a very cheap price; 49 CHF (approximatively 34 euros or 47 dollars)!

Enough said. Honey, now it’s time to spend your money :

And good news, he is being involved in several exhibitions in Switzerland:

Make sure to watch the pictures of his solo exhibition Never Young Again

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