Aitor Throup

Argentine-born AITOR THROUP graduated from the Royal College of Art with an MA in Menswear in 2006. And in only 4 years, he had already won prestigious awards such ITS#FIVE (International Talent Support #5) for Collection of the Year, awards for Umbro, Levi’s, Evisu and The Royal Society of Art. For sure, he has a bright future!

What I like in his work, it is its interest for anatomy and drawing. His distinct design process begins with drawings of characters, then these illustrations are converted into tiny sculptures, and finally enlarged in scale to human form: “Drawing has always been my main passion and interest,” says THROUP. “My work is about finding a reason to create or design anything. I am interested in justifying all design features and avoiding gratuitous detailing. I only believe in origin, process and innovation.

In January 2010, an exhibition titled Legs (video above) at the Galerie Jean-Luc in Paris featured a retrospective of trousers design by AITOR THROUP from 2004 to 2010 by the Royal College of Art graduate; an stunning result of six years of new object research. The exhibition showcased 26 pairs of trousers (3 are reinterpretions of existing trousers from previous collection based on the idea that prototype garments are presented when they’re ready, rather than to follow fashion calendars) worn by life-sized sculptures hanging from the gallery ceiling enabling the viewer to examine and to analyze his work.

Clothing can be simultaneously be viewed as art and be practical” says AITOR THROUPI prefer the idea of my work being static, and the viewer being active around it, exploring and analysing at will

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