Vladislav Delay & Carolina Melis. Toive

Vladislav Delay /Toive . short version

This video is not only a journey into a dazing and spectacular landscape with crystals forming and transforming into new substances but also and especially the music video for Toive ( from album Tummaa) by VLADISLAV DELAY. Directed by CAROLINA MELIS and LORENZO SPOTIELLO, it was realized by shooting a set created by using a number of domestic devices to make snow, ice, and crystal balls.

VLADISLAV DELAY is the long-standing alter-ego of Finnish composer SASU RIPATTI who made the album Tummaa while living on a remote island in the Arctic Circle during Finland’s “kaamos” season, when there are only a few hours of light a day. “Tummaa means dark or darkness, which reflects the music on the album,” he says.

Sardinian-born CAROLINA MELIS trained as a dancer and choreographer before specialising in illustration and animation. Her work, greatly informed by her background in choreography, explores ideas of delicacy, organic development, life-cycles and living relationships, yielding elegantly tragic pieces with a subtle romance.

You can view a full version of Toive on vimeo.

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