“rafsoda”,  Popup Store at the Tel Aviv port. 2010

PILPELED, 24 year old graphic designer, artist and illustrator, is completely self-taught and coming outta Tel Aviv. He likes to create large paste-ups: he goes large because he sees the way that size can speak while neglecting any attempts towards balance.

I have no formal training, my whole life I’ve drawn and painted. When I was 16 I started using photoshop and doing some work for friends. While serving my military obligation, I began moonlighting as a freelance. When that period was over I continued working on party flyers, album covers, t-shirts and a lots of other stuff. Last Year (2007) I joined MTV Israel as Chief Designer, but I have found events at home in Israel the most solid form of schooling. When flyers are crossing the country with your name on it, you’re accountable and I benefited from the pressure. – by PILPELED for Modart #19

PILPELED‘s style is killer!

+ watch the time-lapse video for rafsoda, here!

found via http://unurth.com/

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