Koki Tanaka. Everything Is Everything

Today is one of those days where you need to begin the day with a weird video!

Everything Is Everything is a video by Japanese artist KOKI TANAKA: In the “2006 Taipei Biennial: Dirty Yoga” (Taipei Fine Art Museum, 2006), I didn’t use materials from inside the museum, but I went out and bought a lot of ordinary products from a home supply store near the museum. I used at least three patterns of movement for each object and made a total of about 300 takes. A waste basket was thrown down stairs. A large parasol was opened. Gloves on both hands were pulled off. I filmed the relationship between the principles of physics, people and things as a performance. The things used as images are placed randomly in the exhibition space, and the whole was given the title, Everything Is Everything.

Everything Is Everything doesn’t have a deep meaning. Frankly, I chose it without much thought (laugh), but, well…everything? Everything isn’t possible. If people who saw this work at the museum took the experience into their actual lives, “everything” around them might change through this point of view. The experience of “everything” I found might change “everything” in the life of the person who sees it. -Interview held in Tokyo, early November 2006 by AKIKO MIKI, curator, Palais de Tokyo

KOKI TANAKA lives and works in Los Angeles

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