Jenni Hiltunen

Pink Mania. Script & idea: Jenni Hiltunen. Direct & editing: Miikka Lommi/Kennelhelsinki. DOP: Tuomas Järvelä. Styling: Vesa Kemppainen. Hair & Make-up: Piia Hiltunen

Do you remember of Finnish artist JENNI HILTUNEN? …mmmhhh yeah I know: Unforgettable! She is simply talented and crazy and even more for her latest video on vimeo called Pink Mania and directed by the very talented MIIKKA LOMMI.

Hysteria, pink mania, a fetish, the skin. One colour full of meanings. A hectic rhytm of the video reflects the fever of individual in the global and weird world. There aren´t any limits of binging and inequality. Asexuals, beggars and artists face one other, time vanes and speeds up. Feelings of alienation and bystanding are present.

So good! Enjoy

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