Glendyn Ivin. Cracker Bag

Cracker Bag: directed by GLENDYN IVIN, produced by JANE LISCOMBE, director of Photography GREIG FRASER, edited by JACK HUTCHINGS

You know how much I LOVE short films and today I found this little video via the excellent blog

I simply can’t resist to show you the story of Eddie, a 12 year-old girl who spends her pocket money obsessively hoarding fireworks and carefully planning for cracker night. When it finally it arrives, Eddie and her family head to the local football oval. In the frosty air Eddie lights the fuse of her first cracker and experiences a pivotal moment, one of the seemingly small experiences of childhood, that affects us for the rest of our lives.

Cracker Bag” was brought Cannes in 2003 and won the Palme D’Or – Short Film award. Not bad for the short film of director GLENDYN IVIN who was twenty-five when he quit a successful career in graphic design to study documentary filmmaking at Melbourne’s prestigious Victorian College of the Arts.

This short film, based on a 1980 experience he had with fireworks, was his first drama: “Cracker Bag is a very Australian film through and through, but it seems to resonate with people everywhere. It is amazing because it contains a ridiculous amount of detail about my own childhood.”

Enjoy these 14.5 minutes

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