Carla Bow. Mimica

Everything you need to know about CARLA BOW:

  • CARLA BOW is a designer/artist working with fashion and advertising
  • she lives and works in Mar del Plata (Argentina)
  • In 2004, her personal project was born, “MIMICA”, in which she fuses her passions; mixing diverse techniques (deconstruction, serigraphy, textures with unconventional materials), realizing set dressing for plays, exhibitions and apparels.
  • Her visuals include: serigraphy, photomontages, apparel, textiles, photography, styling, projections, illustrations, etc.
  • Her last work “Omo Collection 2009” is inspired by the Omo´s tribe, South Africa who paint their bodies with natural elements and use flowers or dead animals to realize their accessories.
  • For each work, she has a story to tell…nice!

Don’t miss her flickrfolio, her youtube videos or her myspace!

Thanks CARLA!

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